Martin doesn’t perform hypnosis in schools. But his lecture on the Psychology of Suggestion and the Power of Persuasion is every bit as entertaining and educational and instructive too.

The format of the talk is entirely down to you, but a typical presentation comes together like this: Martin starts by explaining how powerful suggestion is, giving examples from everyday life as well as from scientific experimentation and his own work.

He then describes some of the practical aspects of suggestion. The ways students can use it in their own lives – to improve concentration and study techniques, for example, or for sports performance. If you like, he can talk about the dark side, too – the way unscrupulous or misguided people use the techniques of suggestion to induce young people into weird cults.

The talk then lightens up as Martin describes some of the odd things that have happened in his work. And he deals with the common questions: Are there any dangers to these techniques? Can you use them to break people’s will?

Finally the last section is the demonstration. Anyone who wants to volunteer is welcomed to the stage as Martin shows the practical side of his skill. Students are convinced they are stuck to their chairs, forget their names, and, at the climax, believe an enormous elephant has entered the room.

With a finish like this, it just has to be entertaining, and Martin offers a supremely confident guarantee: if the students don’t consider it the most entertaining hour they spend in their entire time at school, then he is happy to forgo his fee. To date, in thirty years of performing, this has never happened.

But the best reference is the response from delighted audiences. Just check out the video clips and the quotes from Martin’s postbag!

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